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Jueves, 22 de Febrero del 2018


Who can participate in Makikita Quykuway Volunteer Program?

who can participate in mq volunteer
  • We welcome volunteers of both sexes over 18 and families.
  • Volunteers who are ready to use their professional skills and experience to change people’s lives.
  • Preferably volunteers with a basic understanding of the Spanish language.
  • Volunteers who are willing to adapt to new living conditions, and are prepared to learn the local language
  • Volunteers willing to work a minimum of 5 hours per day from Monday to Friday.
  • Volunteers interested in social service assignments. Prior experience is not needed.
  • Volunteers who wish to work at the medical centre require specific skills and experience.

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Why volunteer with Makikita Quykuway?

Makikita Quykuway Volunteer Program is unique because it is run by social services professionals with specialized training and significant experience working with underserved communities. Being wo...
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How Can I help?

  Volunteers can choose where they would like to help based on their profession, skills set and personal preferences. Each volunteer track allows the volunteers to interact with the communit...
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Makikita Quykuway Volunteer Program offers clean and safe accommodation to its volunteers. Volunteers can choose between our Volunteer House and a family stay. Volunteers can also arrange their...

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How to get to Huancayo?

  Travelling to Huancayo By Bus   Buses from Lima run several times a day through several different companies. The safest and most convenient company to take would be Cruz Del Sur,...
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Excursions to tourist places!

On weekends. volunteers have time of relaxing and visiting  tourist places. Huancayo has beautiful mountains, landscapes, lakes, ruins, and glaciers. Old villages are usually visited by volunte...
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Spanish lessons

    Spanish lessons Most of our volunteers come to Peru with a very poor level of Spanish. This creates a barrier of communication with children in different projects where they have to...